Why Choose Newsworthy Hotels?

Quite simply, you´ll be getting nearly 20 years of PR expertise for famous hotels around the world including: Regent Hotels, Concorde Hotels, The Ritz London, The Forte Village Sardinia, Reid´s Madeira, The Lygon Arms, Lucknam Park and the newly opened St James´s Hotel and Club, to name but a few.

What Happens Next?

You´ve read the article, you´ve clicked on the site, you can see that promoting your property would lead to increased business. What happens next?

We agree a convenient time for Newsworthy Hotels to visit the hotel to meet you and the key members of your hotel team - such as the chef, the spa therapist, the gardener, the barman and even your local suppliers. Each may have different stories that can put the hotel on the map.

After 24 hours spent unearthing every angle, Newsworthy Hotels will create: