Newsworthy Hotels Offers The PR Solution

The current tough economic climate means that getting the right sort of publicity for your hotel has never been more important. Yet, ironically, when business starts to suffer, the first budget to be cut is often the marketing spend.

Whilst advertising can be prohibitively expensive, editorial coverage is not only free; it also produces far more effective results. Readers believe that an editorial mention represents an impartial endorsement by the publication/channel.

Whether you want to get a news story on local TV, sell rooms at short notice, create a buzz about your restaurant, or promote your wonderful wedding and conference facilities, Newsworthy Hotels can get you into the press without breaking the bank.

Rather than hiring a PR Agency, Newsworthy Hotels will create a bespoke PR strategy for your property. The plan will be designed (and here comes the difference) so that you, the hotelier, can implement it yourself. Let´s face it, who is better to "sell" your property to the media ­ than you ­ who lives, works and breathes it.